Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Preventable Deaths

 In 2016, there were four hundred fifteen thousand preventable deaths from heart disease and/or strokes in this country. 415,000 Along with that, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, caused 2.2 million preventable hospitalizations   But the report doesn’t end there.   In addition, these incidents cost us, you and me,…

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How To Double The Risk Of A Heart Attack-Try Vaping

Would you like to know how to double the risk of a heart attack? Try vaping… If you followed my earlier reports on the use of e-cigarettes, you may remember the research conclusion:  ➡ People who puff electronic cigarettes every day have twice the risk of heart attack But they are FIVE times as likely to have a heart attack if…

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Transcendental Meditation A Heart Disease Prevention And Management Strategy

Much like yoga, tai-chi, and other relaxation activities, you may consider Transcendental Meditation a heart disease prevention and management strategy.   What It Will Do For You Similar to standard meditation methods, Transcendental Meditation can help you prevent heart disease by lowering your levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. It can also help you manage a current heart condition and symptoms…

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Concerned About Peripheral Artery Disease-Recognize The Early Stages

Are You Worried About Peripheral Artery Disease? Recognize The Early Stages. Peripheral artery disease is a progressive condition that can restrict circulation to the limbs, organs, and brain, damaging them.

A Powerful Link Between Parkinson’s Disease And Poor Heart Health

Several important studies, including a very new one, have concluded that poor cardiovascular health may be linked to an increased risk for Parkinson’s disease…but that’s not all.

One Tomato a Day Will Help You Walk Away (from heart disease!)

Let me tell you about a relatively new finding: How one tomato a day will help you walk away – from heart disease.

12 High Omega-3 Foods For Your Good Health

Because we know it’s best if we get our nutrients from the food we eat instead of from supplements, here’s a list of 12 high Omega-3 Foods to consider adding to your diet.

Fish Oil Supplements Are In-But Does Your Heart Need Them?

Last year, The American Heart Association (AHA) issued an updated set of recommendations for people who have had a heart attack or who suffer from heart failure. Among their suggestions was the use of fish oil supplements