The Keto Diet Is Giving Your Cardiologist Nightmares

It’s true…and it’s happening everywhere. The Keto Diet is giving your cardiologists nightmares…and all their friends too. Picture this: Fatty cuts of meat Thick slices of cheese A plate full of bacon Lots of butter Ok, I know these sound mouth-watering to many (MANY) of you, but get real. The Keto (stands for Ketogenic) Diet is every Cardiologist’s nightmare. It’s…

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The Salt Hiding in Your Food-A Sneak Attack

Have you thought about the salt hiding in your food? You’ve read about how important it is to maintain a healthy blood pressure, and the best way to do that is to cut down on your sodium intake. Doing that also reduces your risk of stroke, heart failure and multiple other health problems. But there’s salt hiding in your food,…

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How To Break Up With Sodium Without Missing The Salt

Once again, I’m tackling my ever-full inbox…This time it’s all about that troublemaker sodium (which is not the same as salt) and how to break up with sodium without missing the salt…


There’s a reason researchers and nutrition experts wholeheartedly recommended the DASH Diet for the number 1 place (along with the Mediterranean Diet) in this year’s study by World News And Health Reports. When you follow the DASH diet choosing the right foods is easy. And we all know that the easier the diet, the more likely you’ll stick with it….

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What A Delicious Way To Eat -The Mediterranean Diet – Series Part 3

When you find a good diet like this one, which also earned First Place from U.S. News And World Report, it’s hard to stop talking about it…What a delicious way to eat-The Mediterranean Diet! You just can’t ignore its benefits. As early as 1993, Harvard Medical School released the results of research that studied the diets of those countries bordering on…

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