Alternatives To Help You Put Down That Lighter – Series Part 8

Alternatives To Help You Put Down That Lighter-HEAD

As you attempt to quit smoking, you may prefer to try some of the alternatives to help you put down that lighter.

In the past, you may have tried using the gums, patches or lozenges without much success. Or, like some people, maybe you’d like to completely get away from using anything that feeds the “oral gratification” approach because it just reminds you of smoking…

Whatever your reasons, the good news is that the alternatives to help you put down that lighter can actually be faster than the nicotine replacement therapies. 

In this article, we’ll cover Hypnosis in detail, before sharing some of the other effective alternatives to help you put down that lighter.


Alternatives To Help You Put Down That Lighter-hypnoFor several years, hypnosis has been one way for smokers to kick the habit. 

Most people (and even some dictionaries!) think of hypnosis as a way to make someone do something they might not do otherwise, especially in front of an audience.

Although they may find this amusing, that’s not the extent of how hypnosis can help people to stop a bad habit, conquer a fear, manage stress or learn to appreciate the benefits of having good habits and better-coping strategies.

  • Hypnotherapists describe their craft as “concentrated relaxation.”  They believe that hypnosis allows you to get past the conscious mind which they describe as gatekeepers or barriers. 

The conscious mind judges, edits, and grades what you think and hear while the subconscious mind is like a sponge, believing everything it hears as truth.

  • In other words, hypnotists believe that through concentrated relaxation you can get past the gatekeepers of your conscious mind and feed your subconscious the imagined reality that you are a non-smoker – thus becoming a non-smoker. 

And it works…

 ➡ Through reprogramming, the therapist helps you change your behavior and remove the barriers to your conscious mind.

 ➡ A certified hypnotherapist who has specific training can help a smoker quit completely in several sessions, but I have seen many patients stop after just one appointment.

 ➡ The therapist also makes suggestions for particular physical tasks that will help to increase the likelihood of your success.

People who are quitting often gain weight because they substitute eating for smoking as an oral behavior. In addition, one of the biggest concerns and complaints from people who are quitting smoking is their increased stress level.

This is again, an area where hypnosis has proven very effective.

 ➡ If you’re serious about quitting, the therapist will also address stress management and stress reduction techniques which will also lessen the likelihood of a potential weight gain. 

 ➡ One of the greatest benefits, however, is that Hypnosis will also guide you to new attitudes and beliefs about smoking which will help you break the habit.

Forget what you see in the movies.  Hypnosis isn’t some voodoo spell – it simply supports your wish to stop smoking by training your subconscious mind to receive suggestions to quit.

 ➡ Once the subconscious mind is freed from the false belief that you need to smoke in order to handle or reduce your stress; that you need it to socialize; that you need the “rush,” it’s much easier for your subconscious mind to support the conscious goal to stop smoking.

Hypnosis is so effective that many hospitals and medical centers sponsor Smoking Cessation Programs using this method.


Coming Up: Several More Alternative Methods Of Helping You Put Down That Lighter.

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