How To Double The Risk Of A Heart Attack-Try Vaping

Would you like to know how to double the risk of a heart attack? Try vaping…

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If you followed my earlier reports on the use of e-cigarettes, you may remember the research conclusion:

 ➡ People who puff electronic cigarettes every day have twice the risk of heart attack

But they are FIVE times as likely to have a heart attack if they also smoke traditional cigarettes.

You see, some people who are trying to quit smoking think that if they smoke fewer cigarettes and then substitute them with vaping part of the time, it will help them quit altogether.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all.

The very latest report was published just a couple of weeks ago, on August 22 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

In it, the senior study author, (who also happens to be the Director of the Center For Tobacco Control Research and Education, at the University of California in San Francisco) has the last word.

“Using both products at the same time is worse than using either one separately.”

For the study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 70,000 Americans who took part in national health surveys starting in 2014 and again in 2016.

 ➡ Of the more than 9,300 current and former e-cigarette users, 3.6% had suffered a heart attack at some point.

 ➡ The rate of heart attacks was 6% higher among those who vaped every day.

 ➡ The findings showed that people who used both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes daily were 5 times more likely to have had a heart attack than those who had never used either.

This study is a continuation of the first study which only examined the relationship between e-cigarette use and heart attacks. Click the links below this article to read the findings of the first research project.

While people may think they’re reducing their health risks by vaping, the researchers found that the heart attack risk of e-cigarettes adds to the risk of smoking cigarettes.

And here’s the killer phrase:

”Someone who continues to smoke daily while using e-cigarettes daily increases the odds of a heart attack by a factor of five.”

But there is some good news if you take action:

 ➡ The risk of heart attack starts to drop immediately after smokers quit.

And this new research suggests the same is true when people stop vaping.

Although E-cigarettes deliver lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals than regular cigarettes, both deliver ultra-fine particles and other toxins that increase the risk of heart and lung disease.

The only way to substantially reduce the risk of a heart attack is to stop using tobacco.

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