Five Overrated Fruits For Your Heart, Your Blood Sugar And Then Some

You may be surprised by what I’m going to tell you about these five overrated fruits for your heart, your blood sugar…and then some…

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After all, you’ve been told how good fruits are all your life, and their sweetness, texture, and taste have a way of convincing you that they’re a “healthy treat.”

That’s all good and well because it’s true that fruit provides many nutrients we need. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends two servings per day.

That said, however, as with everything in life, some things (in this case fruits), are better than others. And we’re talking about nutrition. The stuff that keeps all our working parts in shape.

Here are the five overrated fruits dietitians recommend you should avoid or work to drop from your diet:

cold-pressed juice1. Any fruit packed in juice or store-bought smoothies

Cold-pressed fruit juices may be all the rage. But they will make your blood sugar spike just as much as those sitting on the shelves.

  • It’s the fiber in whole fruits that stabilizes your blood sugar so that you don’t overeat. 

If you’re looking for cold-pressed juices as a way to quench your thirst while making a healthy choice, make sure it’s mostly vegetables (low sodium).

  • Be sure to add a handful of nuts to your snack to balance things out and stabilize your blood sugar.

Keep in mind that the fiber is removed in commercial juices and smoothies, so all you’re left with is a whole bunch of sugar.

dried fruit2. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are definitely convenient, but your diet will pay a high cost. It is definitely at the top of my personal five overrated fruits.

  • Most are loaded with added sugars, increasing their calories and spiking your blood sugar.

Water (and fiber) are what help to fill you up in the first place when you eat fresh fruits. But the process of drying fruits removes most of their water content.

  • Try eating 17 grapes one day, then consider how you feel. The next day, eat 17 raisins instead. The calories are the same, but it’s not nearly as satisfying.

At least raisins don’t have added sugar like dried cherries, berries, and cranberries do,  however. But your best bet is still fresh or frozen fruit, with no sugar added (Read the labels!)

canned-fruit3. Any canned fruit

  • Unless it’s packed in water, canned fruit has extra calories and carbohydrates from the juice it sits in.  It’s also easier to eat more canned fruit than fresh fruit at one sitting, so you consume many more calories.

4. Grapesgrapes

The reason grapes make the list of the five overrated fruits is because they’re so sweet that they’re called “nature’s candy.”

But it’s dangerously easy to overeat them…

  • While grapes do have nutrients, they’re high in sugar and low in fiber.  So…be careful not to sit down with a whole bag, or you’ll get a mega-dose of natural sugars, which will raise your blood sugar.

Instead, try freezing your grapes to snack on. That gives you a sweet treat that takes longer to eat, so you won’t eat as many.

melons5. Melon:

Cantaloupe and honeydew melon balls make for beautiful salads, but they’re very easy to overeat.

  • Melons are high sugar and lower in fiber, so there’s not much to chew on, and they’re quickly digested…so, you’ll feel hungry again in a short time.

Limit your servings to less than a cup, or choose fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugar.

One more thing: It’s always best to combine fruit with a protein source, such as a handful of nuts or spoonful of nut butter.

Use these tips to get the most from your recommended two daily servings of fruit. Your metabolism,  appetite and your body will thank you in countless ways.

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