Why Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal

Think about the last time you were truly grateful for something.  Can you recall how it made you feel? I mean, before you even got a response…Here’s why gratitude is the first step in achieving any goal.

Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal-hearts

Whether it’s better health, improved relationships, managing a medical diagnosis, gratitude is the first class seat.

For some people, the act of giving thanks doesn’t come naturally. It can feel too self-indulgent and awkward; as if there is some sort of guilt attached to showing appreciation towards something that makes you feel good.

Yet, in allowing yourself to be more thankful, you are creating a happier and healthier environment.

Studies show that being grateful not only protects us from emotional and mental health issues, it also enhances the state of your physical health.

If you want to improve your mood, reduce the effects of stress and radiate positive energy, then the message is pretty clear:

Learn to love those two little words: “Thank You”Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal-heart fence

Say them to yourself, say them to your family and friends, say them to the scales…it doesn’t matter where you start, just say them, even if you’re not 100% sure you mean them.

Start Now: Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal

1. Appreciate Everything

Way too often we forget to say thank you for the common everyday aspects of life.

  • If you have a roof over your head, good or improving health, clothes on your back and food in your refrigerator, then you already have a lot to be thankful for.

It’s just a matter of acknowledging these things we so often take for granted. The words “thank you” can take you to another plain.

Once you’ve mastered basic gratitude, take it one step further.

  • Instead of just being thankful for your material possessions, start appreciating your own being and interactions in the world.
  • Embrace your personal space
  • Embrace your freedom to choose how you live your life
  • Express your gratitude for the big universe around you, its colors, its flavors.

Say thank you to your emotions and thoughts. They can be motivators if you learn to manage them. Just as you strive to accept people as they are, with all their flaws and quirks, you need to appreciate you.

When you engage in this degree of gratitude your enjoyment for life, in general, will magnify. 

gratitude is the first step in achieving any goal-conscious mind2. Develop Your Conscious Mind

When your self-awareness is highly developed you’ll be more receptive to recognizing things for which to give thanks.

It always goes back to the basics.

Train your brain to re-focus on your core senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. You’ll be able to experience the wonders of life on a much deeper level

3. Embrace Failures And Struggles

This doesn’t have as much to do with failure itself, but with what failure may lead to.

You’ve probably heard many stories about how successful people overcame adversity, going on to creating the most amazing lives for themselves.

The truth is that if they hadn’t experienced the hardships and failures they wouldn’t be where they are now. It’s a learning process, like babies learning to walk…one step, fall down, get up, take the next one.

If you’re experiencing difficulty right now, know those good things will rise from your situation and be thankful for that. Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal

4. Focus On The Giving

Make it part of you plan to give more. That can be anything fromgratitude is the first step in achieving any goal-giving giving of your time or money to charity to helping out a friend…even if all you can offer is an ear to listen and a heart to accept.

You see, when you give to others, whether or not they show you gratitude in return, you have done something that has effectively made a difference in their lives.

But you will walk away from it a richer person for your actions.

5. Start A Gratitude Journal

I know…I had the worst time with this myself many years ago. But I wanted to believe that gratitude is the first step in achieving any goal.

And then it worked, miraculously.

gratitude is the first step in achieving any goal-journalKeeping a daily journal where you list the things for which you’re grateful will help keep your focus on the good things.

It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process either. Start with one entry. One thing for which you’re grateful today.

Whatever that is, it will start a process you’ll remember to follow because it will make you feel good.

An interesting thing many patients have told me over the years is that if they write one thing down, another thing pops into their mind, then another.

One 78-year-old male patient told me that the very first night he made himself do this, he had written down 18 things before he came up for air…amazing. Enlightenment has no age limit.

Take this moment, right now, to write down at least one thing for which you’re grateful. Keep at it daily for a while.

Then sit back and watch yourself. Observe your thoughts.

Feel them moving you toward better relationships, better health, a new resolve and energy to deal with your medical issues, and toward learning to dream again.

Gratitude Is The First Step In Achieving Any Goal-posterIt takes time and dedication to develop a more grateful approach to life. Allow these 5 steps be a starting point for a saner approach to life.



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