Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol

Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-headYour liver and various cells in your body produce cholesterol, which allows your body to make Vitamin D, hormones, bile and bile acid which help you digest fat.

Unfortunately, many prescribed medications lead to yet more health problems. Consider using natural-alternative treatments to lower your Cholesterol.

Most people think of cholesterol as being “good” or “bad.”

  • Good cholesterol, called HDL (high-density lipoproteins) assists with ridding the body of LDL (low-density lipoproteins).

LDL is the type of cholesterol which can accumulate on the interior walls of the arteries, hardening and narrowing them. This condition is called atherosclerosis and often leads to heart disease.

  • Your cholesterol levels are influenced by your weight, age, heredity, gender, and diet.

Losing weight can help lower your LDL and total cholesterol levels, as well as raise your HDL and lower your triglyceride levels.

  • Some medications and certain medical conditions may also affect cholesterol levels.
  • Dietary choices, regular checkups after the age of 20 and exercise can help keep cholesterol readings at healthy levels.

If you’ve been diagnosed with high levels of LDL cholesterol or are at risk for developing it, you may choose to manage it with prescribed medications, alternative therapies like herbal and nutritional supplements, a combination of both, and of course,  lifestyle choices.

However, it’s absolutely necessary to speak with your doctor or licensed pharmacist before starting any herbal medications. There are times when prescribed medication and herbals don’t work well together, so stay safe.

These are some of the Natural-Alternative Treatments to lower your cholesterol:


Certain herbal supplements and extracts have been used effectively for lowering high cholesterol levels.


Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-Garlic ➡ Garlic causes a short-term decrease in total cholesterol.

Studies have shown garlic to lower LDL by as much as 10 mg/dL.

Triglycerides are the main components of natural fats and oils. High concentrations in the blood indicate an increased risk of stroke.

 ➡ Garlic has been known to lower triglycerides by as much as 20 mg/dL.

Garlic also contains antioxidants that can prevent oxidation.

 ➡ Fresh raw garlic also releases a short-lived gas called hydrogen sulfide which protects the heart.

Raw garlic, eaten soon after cutting, is best because cooking, processing, and drying destroy this valuable gas.

 ➡ Selenium is used to cleanse the blood

 ➡ Vitamin C reduces the damage from LDL cholesterol.

In addition, vitamin C also contains a substance called “Quercetin” which has been linked to:

  • Decrease in death from heart disease
  • Lower risks of clotting
  • Increased blood flow by dilation of major arteries

Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-fenugreek ➡ Fenugreek and Policosanol have each been shown to lower LDL cholesterol.

 ➡ Turmeric appears to lower cholesterol levels and prevent atherosclerosis.

 ➡ Rosemary contains phytochemicals, which lower LDL cholesterol.

 ➡ Artichoke leaf extract lowers cholesterolNatural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol -Artichoke leaf levels, but its impact on LDL cholesterol is inconclusive.

 ➡ Yarrow: the plant compounds in yarrow resemble cholesterol and interfere with its absorption by the body.

Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol -Holy Basil ➡ Holy Basil also reduces overall cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

Dietary Support to Lower Cholesterol

Many doctors advocate the benefits of a healthy diet emphasizing plant food sources for lowering and managing cholesterol levels.

 ➡ A high fiber diet rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants helps keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range. These dietary choices significantly lower harmful cholesterol levels.

 ➡ Fiber, especially the soluble fiber in fruits, vegetables,Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-SolFiber legumes, and whole grains lower cholesterol levels.

 ➡ Nuts can reduce cholesterol as well. A daily serving of 1.5 oz. of almonds, pistachios, walnuts or other nut variety reduces the risk of heart disease.

 ➡ Phytosterols, plant compounds found in small amounts in fruits, vegetables, and unrefined grains prevent the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. They have been found to lower LDL cholesterol.

Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-omega-3-fatty-acidOmega-3 fatty acids lower the levels of triglycerides, (the form of cholesterol produced by the liver)

 ➡ They keep the blood thinning at a healthy level and

 ➡ Prevent the bonding of plaque to arteries.

 ➡ Omega 3’s also curb inflammation in the body.

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna as well as flaxseed and walnuts provide these essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Exercise and Cholesterol

Seems we always wind up here…But…

Exercise significantly influences cholesterol levels in the body.Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-exercise

 ➡ It facilitates the movement of cholesterol through the system by stimulating the production of enzymes responsible for moving LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream and into the liver.

 ➡ The liver converts this cholesterol into bile for digestion or it becomes part of the waste excreted by the body).

 ➡ It also increases the size of the protein particles, which carry cholesterol in the bloodstream.

This increased size makes it more difficult for cholesterol to permeate blood vessel walls and remain there, which would lead to atherosclerosis.

Most public health organizations recommend, at a minimum, 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous exercises, such as walking, jogging, biking, or gardening” to gain the great health benefits of lowered cholesterol levels.”

What this means for you:

Using the alternative and complementary treatments being used to manage high cholesterol is pretty simple to include in your day.

  • Herbal and nutritional supplements, dietary choices, and exercise offer simple ways to reap the benefits of lower cholesterol relatively quickly.

And, these methods become most effective when combined.

Of course, your doctor’s recommendation should be considered before trying these remedies.

Natural-Alternative Treatments To Lower Your Cholesterol-FI


Depending on your general health and current medications, some of them may not be beneficial or may be counterproductive to other health conditions.



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