Talking About Weight Gain After You Put Down That Lighter

I figured you’d want to talk about weight gain after you put down that lighter.

Surely, most of us have heard the complaints from other quitters. They say they’ve put on another 5-10 lbs. But quitting has nothing to do with that. And that’s why we need to start the conversation about weight gain after you put down that lighter.

They really are not married to each other…


Talking About Weight Gain After You Put Down That Lighter



Many people have actually lost weight while they were working on quitting. 

However, the important questions (and they are blunt, forgive me) are these: 

Blue Question mark ➡ Would you be willing to gain 5 or 10 pounds over six months until you learned to regulate your eating habits, in exchange for living longer?

 ➡ Or, would you rather lose 10 pounds in exchange for having two lungs full of Blue Question markhydrocarbons, a body full of nicotine and breath that smells like an ashtray?

If you’ve gotten this far then the answer is simple – a couple of extra pounds may put you into the next size jeans but it won’t put you into an early grave.

There are several things you can do to address the amount of weight you may or may not gain as you are moving towards quitting smoking.

Understand this…you might gain some weight. Plan for this eventuality and don’t be surprised if it happens. Be pleasantly surprised. however, if it doesn’t. 

Don’t use weight gain as a reason to go back to smoking.  There isn’t a size of clothing in the world that is worth an early death.

tipsHere are some tried and true tips:

 ➡ Look carefully at the types of foods you’re eating and note which ones are giving you the greatest pleasure. 

 ➡ Because cigarettes often work as an appetite suppressant, the foods you ate while you were smoking could have been higher in calories, without having affected your waistline.

  • That’s probably because you weren’t eating as much as you should have (even though you thought you were).  But now, with your healthier lifestyle, you’ll have a slightly bigger appetite that must be fed.

 ➡ You can eat as much and as many raw fruits and vegetables as you want without worrying about your weight. 

  • Carry a bag of baby carrots or broccoli florets, celery, apples, pineapple, bananas or any other fruit or vegetable which you enjoy. 

precautionIf you are diabetic, be sure to refer to the glycemic index and choose the fruits with the lowest glycemic score. Read more about this at the bottom of the page.

Don’t enjoy fruits and vegetables?  LEARN! 

 ➡ The increased amount of nutrients, live enzymes and vitamins will help your body to detoxify from the nicotine and chemicals that assaulted it for years.

 ➡ Don’t stress over a few slip-ups.  Just like anything else you must plan to slip.  And when you do it isn’t the end of the world.  Everyone slips – and your body is able to find an equilibrium, a middle ground. 

In fact, new diet research shows that by alternating the number of calories it receives each day, the body is better able to either maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.

 ➡ As long as using gum or hard candy doesn’t increase the desire for cigarettes or raise your blood sugar level too much, use them to satisfy your oral needs and trick your stomach into thinking it’s going to be fed again!

caution signEating too many peppermint type candies will cause an increase in gastric acid, and that will increase the amount of heartburn you experience.


 ➡ Exercise!  You may not have included exercise in your daily routine before but now you should.  Exercise will do many things –

  • Decrease your risk for heart-related disease and stroke
  • Decrease your risk for MANY illnesses and diseases
  • Increase your metabolic rate (burn more calories/fat)
  • Help decrease the cravings and urgings you will feel for cigarettes
  • Lower your blood pressure, and bad cholesterol
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes, arthritis, and immune-related illnesses

Exercise doesn’t need to be, nor should it be a Herculean effort.  You aren’t training for the Olympics – you are just getting the heart moving. 

precautionBefore starting a program check with your doctor to confirm you’re healthy enough to exercise. 

These are just some of the exercises that can help you accomplish all your goals (articles on all types may be found under the category “Fit For Life” (sub-category “Exercise”)listed on the right side of this page.

  • Medicine ball
  • Low-Impact Aerobics at home
  • Walking program
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • (light) Weight lifting and/or using elastic bands at home

The biggest stumbling block for people is ACTION. 

Take action – it doesn’t matter what you pick from this list – start with one and get moving.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of options – pick one and do it!yes you can

**If you have missed some parts of this quit smoking guide, you will find the previous articles in order, under the category “Quit Smoking” on the right side of this page.


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