When A Headache Is More Than A Headache

Would you be able to recognize when a headache is more than a headache? Many people cannot. Unfortunately, some headaches can be a warning sign of serious health issues.

You know, we all get them now and then, and most of the time relief comes from a simple over-the-counter pill. Other times, learning ways to relax and relieve tension, or getting treatment for sinus infections can get rid of them.

When A Headache Is More Than A Headache-headSome are not so lucky.  For them, headaches are important warnings of serious health issues, such as:

 ➡ High blood pressure

 ➡ A stroke

 ➡ A brain tumor

 ➡ Carbon monoxide poisoning

 ➡ Infections

 ➡ A concussion

And more.

If you’re not sure when a headache is more than a headache, it’s extremely important to know when to take action.

Don’t try to diagnose the problem yourself.

Contact your doctor or go to the emergency department and let the professionals figure it out.

When A Headache Is More Than A Headache-PAY ATTENTION-01Medical experts say you should consider it a headache emergency, worthy of a 911 call, IF:

  • You would describe the headache as the worst one you’ve ever had.
  • Your headache came on suddenly and feels explosive.
  • You have a high fever and nausea as well as a headache.
  • You have slurred speech, vision changes, dizzinessconfusion or inability to move your arms or legs on one side of your body.

You should also be concerned if:

  • Your headache is the first severe one you’ve ever had and it’s limiting your ability to function.
  • Your headache started right after a head injury, after strenuous exercise or even after sex.
  • Your headache is extreme, and one eye looks bloodshot.
  • You’re older than 50 and suddenly start getting headaches for the first time in your life.
  • You have a nagging headache that worsens over 24 hours.

When A Headache Is More Than A Headache-manEven if you’re not having an emergency type of a headache, the pain may merit a visit to your doctor.

 ➡ That’s the case if headaches wake you up from sleep, or if they’re worse in the morning than when you went to bed.

 ➡ If a headache hangs on for days or has no apparent cause, like tension or dehydration.

Even if you get headaches regularly, talk to your doctor if the”usual pattern” of your headaches changes.

Especially how strong or painful they are.



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