Yoga Benefits That Money Can’t Buy

yoga-benefits that money can't buy

It’s all about the yoga benefits that money can’t buy, and they’re hard to beat…

And it’s not about the cute leotards, the pretty pattern on your mat, or whether you’re a man or a woman. So, forget about the idea of having to “be in shape to get in shape” and see how it can help you.


Physical Yoga Benefits That Money Can’t Buy:

  • You’ve probably heard that Yoga increases your flexibility, and it’s true.

This is because yoga exercises all the joints in a wider range of motion than other common exercises, actually increasing their range of motion over time.

This is no “quick fix.” Yoga actually helps to adjust your energy levels by working your joints and muscles consistently, over time.

Yoga prevents injury 

  • Yoga works on your body gently, strengthening and lengthening your muscles.

Along with giving you a wider range of motion, this makes your body less likely to be injured by overuse.

In a gentle, unassuming way, Yoga also:yoga benefits that money can't buy-mind body soul

  • Adjusts your metabolism allowing your body to process foods as intended, storing what you need, getting rid of what you don’t.
  • Yoga Promotes healthy weight not only because your body is moving and your muscles are stretching, but because of the changes it brings to your metabolism.
  • Yoga improves your posture (and you’d be surprised to learn how much your posture affects your metabolism!)
    . It relieves muscle and joint pain
    . It increases your body awareness, which is one of the main principles of any reputable exercise program
    . Yoga strengthens the immune system. As your circulation improves, everything in you that makes you YOU flows where it needs to, protecting you all the way.

. Yoga detoxifies the body.

The idea of detoxifying the body may seem like a “fad,” and the way it’s portrayed in commercials, with special diets and pills, it certainly is.

However, detoxifying really means that (as a result of Yoga or other long-term physical activity), your blood flow increases.

Just more of the Yoga benefits that money can’t buy…

The practice of Yoga can improve your circulation and help all the organs perform at their highest level of efficiency.

  • Yoga improves muscle tone
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduces headaches
  • Improves balance
  • Strengthens bones 

Everyone loses bone density as we age, especially women. So, bone maintenance is very important while the clock is ticking…

Like just about every other health concern, diet and exercise are two big components for optimal bone health.

  • Yoga helps keep up and preserve your joint health by placing just enough stress on the bones to strengthen them without causing much stress on other tender areas, such as the cartilage and joints.

And that’s just for starters…

YOGA BENEFITS THAT MONEY CAN'T BUY-HEALINGThere are many Yoga benefits that money can’t buy for your mental health:
  • Yoga relaxes the mind
  • Teaches you how to effectively manage stress 

The breath is a major indicator of our stress levels, so it’s a huge part of reducing them.

Learning to moderate your breath helps you be in tune and breathe through challenging times. 

  • Yoga Boosts memory.
  • Increases your concentration, by helping you to focus.  

Studies have shown that yoga stimulates brain function, especially those areas involving memory and concentration.

  • Improves learning
  • Boosts confidence. 
  • Yoga helps you develop a healthy body image. 

Practicing Yoga is being in a great, non-judgmental space where you can explore your body’s strength and feel proud of its accomplishments.

Yoga also teaches you to accept the stage you are on your life journey right now.

  • It provides mental clarity and a greater sense of control over your emotions.
  • It decreases the impact of negative emotions.

As a “mindfulness” practice, yoga can actually change your brain making you more resilient to stressful situations and more inclined to see things as they really are.

  • Helps manage anxiety and depression.

And, finally, the greatest of the Yoga benefits that money can’t buy is teaching you to be in the present moment.

And that may be the biggest contribution to your life, because the present moment is all we have, and the only thing we have the power to change.


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