Your Hard-Working Heart And Its Many Little Parts

Your hard-working heart and its many little parts have just one mission:

 To keep you alive, whether you’re behaving badly or not…

Its entire purpose is to pump the blood to every organ of your body so that you can do what you want to do.

your hard working heartThe blood your heart pumps carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of your body and removes waste from them.

So, if something interferes with that pumping action, your organs begin to fail, and quickly.

To really appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of our hard-working hearts, follow along as I show you the real meaning of multi-tasking.



Your heart has four muscular chambers called Ventricles and Atria, and four heart valves (the tricuspid, pulmonic, mitral and aortic valves) that keep the blood moving in the right direction through it. (picture little traffic cops with whistles…)

  ➡ The right ventricle pushes the (oxygen-rich) blood to your lungs 

 ➡ The left ventricle pushes it to the rest of your organs (busy guy)


  • The atria (right and left) hold the blood returning to the heart, and at just the right moment empty blood back into the right and left ventricles so that it can start its trip to your lungs and organs all over again.

Your life depends on how well your heart is functioning.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if I get a little “pushy” sometimes about taking good care of it…Personally, I think the heart is the most beautiful piece of machinery I’ve ever seen…

Stick around and we’ll get to what can interfere with it, and what can be done about it so that you can continue to enjoy each day.


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